Congratulations...You own a SCOUT!

    You're going to love it!  Please read below for necessary safety information, installation help and useful tips.  Also, please make sure we have your e-mail address so we can alert you when we update this page, and to register your warranty.  If you did not purchase SCOUT from this site, then simply create an account with us to activate your warranty.  Now, onto what is most important...


      Correct use of this carrier is critical for safety.  It is your responsibility to make sure carrier is attached properly to your vehicle and the stroller is attached properly and securely to the carrier.  Carefully read and follow the following instructions:

      – Attach only to manufacturer, auto dealer or authorized aftermarket installed hitches.

      – Always be certain that there is a minimum of 14” – 16” of ground clearance for stroller.

      – Be cautious of large dips and humps in the road and inclines such as driveways and parking lot entrances/exits.  You could permanently damage carrier.

      – Do not mount to any type of trailer or RV.

      – This carrier is not intended for off-road use or excessive speeds.

      – This carrier is not intended for any use other than carrying one BOB Revolution, BOB SUV, or BOB Ironman jogging stroller.

      – Do not allow children or minors to play on or near this carrier.

      – For additional safety and security use locks, cables and/or tie downs (not provided).

      – Follow all instructions provided and check back here frequently for product updates.

      SCOUT users are solely responsible for the safe use of products purchased from Scout Family Equipment.




      We tried to make SCOUT as intuitive as possible so some massive instruction book would not be required and then end up in a landfill.  We hope we were successful.  But just in case, here is what you need to know:

      1 – Preparation

      • Remove SCOUT and associated parts from packaging.
      • Locate all parts used to secure SCOUT to vehicle hitch receiver:  Zero-Rattle Hitch Pin, Lock Washer, Hitch Pin Lock
        • If you do not have a hitch already installed on your vehicle, click here is a link to one of our favorite hitch manufacturers.  They are made in Wisconsin.

      2 – Attachment

      • Insert the main beam into your vehicle hitch receiver. 
        • Do not use a hitch extender unless your hitch is recessed under your bumper preventing SCOUT from being inserted fully. 
      • Secure SCOUT to vehicle hitch using hardware listed above and with the 3/8" Hex Wrench provided.  The lock washer should collapse completely, but do not overtighten.
      • Attach Zero-Rattle Hitch Pin Lock
      3 – Inspection
      • Ensure SCOUT does not wobble back and forth inside vehicle hitch receiver.
        • Also, removal of the threaded nut inside SCOUT or use of hitch pin not sold by Scout Family Equipment will result in damage and voids the warranty.
      • Ensure that any up and down movement of the SCOUT beam is not easily accomplished using normal pressure.
      • Perform inspection prior to each use.

      Handlebar Straps – Cradle straps should be pulled UP first, and then over the top second to maximize life of the part.  Straps will loosen over time and should be replaced when excessive stroller or wobble results.

        • A note about normal wear.  The sun's UV radiation degrades even the toughest materials over time.  Regular replacement is recommended. 

      Wheel Safety Pin –This part serves as a back-up to SCOUT’s handlebar straps.  It will not withstand forces created by a vehicle pushing SCOUT into another object or the ground (e.g., parking lot, driveway mishaps, etc.).  Speed bumps can also cause harm.  Drive slowly over them to prevent the stroller wheel from bouncing up and down…and to prevent waking the little one(s). 

        • Pin breakage is likely under these circumstances.  Take special care when SCOUT and your stroller are installed on your vehicle.  Do not induce large forces upon them.  Damage resulting from such vehicle operation is not covered by your warranty.


       Never transport your stroller without all attach points engaged.

      Never drive your SCOUT into another object or the ground.  Handlebar straps and Stroller Wheel Pin will be damaged.

      Always inspect SCOUT before travel.  Never travel with signs of wear on any part of SCOUT.

      Replacement parts available for purchase at