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Transporting your jogging stroller - Easily

Introducing SCOUT®

It’s like a bike rack...
but for your space hogging jogger.

Reclaim your third row!

With kiddos, pets, gear and groceries you need every inch.

SCOUT keeps things clean

Dirty tires are meant for outside...

Not your car's inside!

SCOUT Stroller Carrier

  • Reclaim your 3rd Row and never lift your BOB again
  • Designed to carry all BOB Revolution models (single and double, old or new)
  • Simple to operate - No assembly required
  • Made in Austin

SCOUT Stroller Carrier - Low Clearance Edition

  • For minivans and vehicles with low hitch clearance (14" or less).  Angled beam prevents bottom of driveway mishaps
  • Reclaim your 3rd Row and never lift your BOB again
  • Designed to carry all BOB Revolution models (single and double, old or new)
  • Simple to operate - No assembly required
  • Made in Austin, TX

Questions?  We Have Answers


Q:  How big is SCOUT? 
SCOUT is compact.  SCOUT is easily held in one hand and even fits in an aircraft overhead compartment.

Q:  Is it hard to drive and park with SCOUT? 
No. SCOUT holds strollers close and low so rearview visibility and maneuverability are not impaired.  We designed SCOUT to be a subtle and elegant vehicle accessory.

Q:  You mention BOB brand jogging strollers.  Will SCOUT work with other brands as well?
Our initial design is optimized for the BOB Revolution given their popularity.  Our next planned version is for the BabyJogger.  Use the "Have a Question" link below to tell us which brand you'd like us to design for next.

Q:  Will SCOUT work with all BOBs, old and new?
Yes.  SCOUT handles all BOB Revolutions models...SE, Flex, Pro, the new 2016 model and all previous years.  We will have a new model arriving soon for BOB's Sport Utility and Ironman Strollers which have a larger fixed front wheel.

Q:  Is SCOUT easy to install?
SCOUT is so easy!  It weighs 10 pounds and only takes 10 seconds to install.  You secure it with this nifty hex key that we provide.

Q:  Will my stroller be secure?
Yes.  SCOUT has redundant security points including aircraft cable.

Q:  Where is SCOUT made?

Q:  What is your return policy?
If you are not thrilled with SCOUT, you will receive a refund.  This has only happened once so far.

Q:  How did you come up with SCOUT?
SCOUT was born out of necessity. We like to stay active with the kiddos. One of our favorite activities when they were very young was biking and jogging around Town Lake in downtown AustinGetting there with all our stuff was another story!

Q:  What if it starts raining while we're out and about?
Many jogging strollers have rain shields for the little ones.  Similarly, we have a quick release rain cover in the works that will protect your investment from the elements.  Available December 2016.

Q:  Do I need a hitch? 
Yes.  A standard 2" type.

Q:  Do I have a hitch? 
Most SUVs are equipped with them at the factory as are many Crossovers.  Hitches are often concealed behind a small plastic cover, even on large SUVs.  They are typically an option on sedans, wagons, and minivans.

Q:  My vehicle doesn't have a hitch.  Where can I go to have one installed? 
A local hitch dealer can get you set up in less than a half hour.  Our favorite is CURT Manufacturing brand.  They are made in the US.

Q:  Ugh...I have the smaller 1 1/4" hitch on my vehicle...What do I do? 
Fear not!  Simply purchase a short adapter from your local hitch dealer.

Q:  Which one do I buy...SCOUT or SCOUT Low? 
This depends on your vehicle.  Simply measure distance from ground to hitch.  If 14" or less, then go with SCOUT Low.  You'll avoid bottoming out in driveways and get maximal leverage for loading your BOB.

Q:  Where can I see SCOUT in action? 
Our website and Kickstarter videos, Bump Club & Beyond, MommyCon events and your local Stroller Strides workouts.  Soon, on cars everywhere!

Q:  Where can I buy SCOUT? 
This website,, and REI.